Name: Sigarth
Classification: Ocean dominated Agri World
Gravity: 1.21 Terran
Tithe Grade: Beta (Fish and Whalid products)
Population: 1.3 Billion

Sigarth is an ocean world somewhat isolated in the sector south-east. A world of unrelenting electrical storms, and vast oceans, it is only accessible by its capital city, and defining characteristic, the Skyhook. A miraculous Dark Age device, the Skyhook is a combination space elevator, shipyards, and anchor point for human settlement. When it was discovered, it contained many support systems and access points for

Sigarth City
The Capital, and centre of 90% of the population. Hive Sigarth is built around the venerable Skyhook, using it as a power supply and structural support.
The surface city spreads out, floating on the surface with sprawling shipyards and hive towers.

The middle level is clustered to the Skyhook like barnacles, filled with refineries and fish processing facilities.

The lowest level, at the centre is a powerful mining operation, relentless drilling deeper for new metals and resources.

Whalid Clans:

Discovered in M33, this world at first was ignored, due to 99% of its surface being covered in ocean, and extremely turbulent cloud cover that rendered many low atmosphere craft inoperable. Low level Mechanicus monitoring took place, as the Biologis took an interest in the abundant sea live. As they delved to the floor of the planetary oceans they made a remarkable discovery; vast underwater ruins and structures, still functioning after what appeared to be thousands of years of abandonment. The Mechanicus was disconcerted, and tried to keep the discovery under wraps, even as numerous members of their expeditions went missing as they delved deeper into the ruins. During the Ferrus Bellum, Cant-Magos Oskar Sigarthus discovered that the Redacto-Mechanicus elements were hiding this discovery, and in a bid for power he declared that the ruins were human structures from the Dark Age, and demanded that they be activate and studied by all for the betterment of Mankind, and the glory of the Omnissiah.

As the new Priests entered the ruins, they began to recklessly activate and align everything they could find. After a decade of no progress, and numerous deaths, the Redacto were prepared to reclaim their precious cache and marched on Sigarth with a legion of Aqua Skitarii. At the twelve hour however, Oskar was validated. Even as the first pods broke the surface of the oceans, he finally found what he had been looking for, the master controls for an incredible device, a space elevator. As the assembled Magos-Redactors watched in horror, a sheer needle of metal rose out of the ocean, and stretched towards the sky, branching out platforms and voidship docking rings as it went, like an obscene steel tree. Oskar declared it a miracle of the Omnissiah, bringing the planets incredible hidden wealth into the fold of the Imperium. The Redacto were forced to submit ownership completely, and the triumphant Cant-Magos named the world for himself, and began to bring colonists in immediately, to cement his claim. Claims remain on file from former Redacto members that this world is a perversion, the ruins not made for man, but for a race far more sinister. The Cant-Mechanicus have rejected such claims, describing them as “heretical cowardice”.

Sigarthian Items

Wetjems – Strange artifacts salvaged only from the ruins that seem most damaged on the sea floor.

Sigarthian Characters come in vastly different styles, depending on where they were raised.


Fate Threshold 2
EB – 9+

Oceanic Upbringing: Whether a hunter of sea life, a citizen surviving the numerous cave ins and floods, or even a noble performing ritualistic aquatic dances, everyone on Sigarth is an expert swimmer. Sigarthian characters get +20 to Athletics tests when swimming, and can hold their breath twice as long before Suffocating.

They also choose one of these sub-packages.
Sigarth City: Living in a world of constantly degrading technology and armies of servitors, you’ve become accustomed to constant horror of mechanical monsters, and picked up some repair tips along the way. Gain Tech-Use Rank 1 and when confronted by a Fear causing entity that also has Machine, the Fear rating is one lower.
Aptitude: Tech or Intelligence

Monetteo: You wear a mask for everything, and to reveal your true face to anyone would be unbearable shame. While wearing your mask, scrutiny checks against you have a -10 to their rolls. If someone should ever glimpse your true face, you suffer 2D10 Insanity Points, as your psyche shatters.
Aptitude: Social or Fellowship

Skraev: Your ancestors bless your hunts, as you relentlessly strive to bring blood and meat to the clan. Skraevens can spend a Fate Point to designate a foe, either a group or a single powerful beast, and gain the Hatred talent against them for the session.
Aptitude: Weapon Skill or Strength

Dormauth: The Witch Priests of Dormauth have blessed you at your birth, and devoted your life to slaying servants of the Dry Ones, wherever you roam to. Whenever you gain a mutation, it is much less visible, inflicting a -20 on rolls to perceive this subtle change. In addition, when you suffer Insanity Points, you only take half, and gain the other half in Corruption Points.
Aptitude: Willpower

Wounds: 7+1d5

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