Saint Atamere

The disparate worlds of Saint Atamere had been populated by a great number of techno-barbarian tribes when the great crusade arrived. Curiously, the crusade forces encountered remarkably similar cultural traits between the warlike tribes who presumably had some form of interstellar contact before their fall into barbarism and superstition. Chiefly in their blasphemous mythologies and technologies.

The myth of an ancient warlord who united the stars was particularly common. And so the Imperium eventually incorporated this character who loomed so large in the imaginations of the natives into the unifying figure of Saint Atamere.

Eventually the area became subsumed by the much larger Nemerate sector and officially became a large sub sector. Much to the violent disapproval of the capitol worlds. This period spawned the first true Atamerian succession war. Though it was quickly put down by the forces of newly formed Nemerate the conflict left an enduring legacy.

During the age of Apostasy, when mankind was nearly laid so low by it’s own greed. A pirate prince of the of the Scyllian Reef united the warring fleets and took advantage of the chaos to bring nearly every world of the sub sector under his control. He claimed direct lineage to Saint Atamere himself and, for a time it seemed nothing would stay his conquest. When his forces arrived at the temple of the savior emperor on Mera-Nova the siege paused briefly when Cardinal Pognan emerged and implored the warlord to speak with him in private. It is said that after an hour in the Cardinal’s council the warlord emerged and gave a full retreat order. He had been declared the living reincarnation of Saint Atamere himself and went on to conquer countless worlds in the Emperor’s name.

The Saint Atamere Sub-Sector today seethes with resentment at their displacement by Renault’s sphere as the Sector capitol.

A brief timeline of the Saint Atamere sub-sector

M20 – While nothing can be known for certain it is believed that in antiquity man and xeno colluded to form blasphemous pacts and profane technologies. Little remains of this dark epoch

M31 – The great crusade arrives and the techno-barbarians that inhabited Saint Atamere were brought to compliance. Though, much would be lost during the Horus Heresy

M34 – The Imperium re-establishes contact and the first succession war is fought. Saint Atamere ceases to be a small sector unto its self and becomes part of Nemerate

M36 – The age of Apostasy reigns and discord threatens to erode the foundations of the Imperium. The second succession war is fought and a warlord is declared the true reincarnation of Saint Atamere.

M37 – The Cult of the promethium Emperor takes control of the sub-sector synod

M38 – The warp routes leading to Daimyo are discovered, sparking a flurry of Renewal in the sub sector and new calls to break with Nemerate. The new succession wars begin in earnest

M40 – After a long battle for primacy the cult of the pure form replaces the cult of the promethium Emperor as the dominant ministorum influence in the Sub-sector

M40.221 – The Killian succession
M40.229 – The Umbral succession
M40.308 – The second Killian succession
M40.340 – The great succession
M40.380 – The second great succession

M40.381 – The Maxif site discoveries

M40.666 The Chass succession
M40.681 – The third great succession

Saint Atamere

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