A heavily militarized Imperial world on the Yron crest, Maling is a backwater that has always had strained and tenuous relations with the adeptus terra. the world’s relationship with the imperium is present in its token tithe but galvanized by their sector-reknowned pdf and imperial guard Levy.

Though the people of Maling are known for being easy going and good natured they live under a strict military dictatorship and caste system. The planetary defence force is drawn from the highest noble born Caste, all of whom serve in the military in some manner. The Banners of different companies and regiments fly high over every proud household and district who contribute to the levy so that all can see that they have contributed a son or daughter to the Maling highborn.

The highborn operate under the grand dictator who saves as governor of the world and they are expected to rigidly enforce the laws of the world, most importantly keeping the lower castes in place. There is no more serious crime on Maling than impersonating a higher caste. Once a tour of duty as a lawkeeper is fulfilled those who are particularly competent in leadership roles are usually shipped off world to serve as the ever popular Maling disciplinary officers.

A world of many developing cultures and generally low technology base, Maling’s most important cities are located near the lush equatorial jungles and a posting there is sometimes seen as a pleasant semi-retirement for imperial officials. Malian Civilians, it is a well kept secret, notoriously friendly to off worlders as they consider them guests on their world though they are themselves part of the imperium.

Mass transit is handled uniquely on Maling. no matter the distance, Be it inner city or inter continental, is travelled by rail. Trains run efficiently all across the world and keep civilians traveling exactly where they have been mandated for their entire lives. Transport outside of designated living zones is strictly controlled with only small leaves for travel granted once in a lifetime to combat cultural stagnation


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