Daimyo and the paradise moons were the preferred retirement destination for pirate lords of the Haketan Reef until their secret was discovered by the Mannoth Rogue Trader fleet in the early 37th millennium

No one lives upon the surface of Daimyo as per the dictates of a long standing decree by the sector governor in an effort to protect the poorly understood ecosystem which creates the captivatingly beautiful bio-luminescent seas that make the seven moons such a popular destination for the monied elite of the Imperium.

The incandescent neon hues of Daimyo’s oceans swirl in a spectacular array of colours normally unseen in all but the most exotic examples of nature. Such is the beauty of the dazzling display and the perfection of the paradise moons that most scholars are forced to conclude that a now lost form of terraformation must have been involved in their creation.

Daimyo and the seven moons are governed by the all-powerful Daimyo port authority. Who work very closely with the Adeptus Arbites to conserve the sub sector’s precious glittering jewel. Without which the fortunes of the entire sector would swiftly evaporate.

- – -

When the harrowing pressures of the 41st millennium began to chafe at a character’s sanity and they choose to spend experience points to regain sanity they may spend the time interval on one of the paradise moons and regain twice as much sanity for the experience spent.


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