Character Creation

Character creation in Dark Heresy 2.1 is slightly different from the Core Book.

The process is quite simple. Please take the time to read the Core Book to understand your choices better. This section is mostly to list alternative choices, and rules changes I’ve made.

Step One: Homeworld and Stats

Choose a homeworld out of the Heresy 2 books, or select one of the Nemerate specific homeworlds displayed here

Nemerate Specific Homeworlds
Black Forge – Forge World
Rocamadour – Shrine World
Sigarth – Ocean World
Ares – Mechanicus World
Xhol’kai – Jungle World
Schola Progenium

Alternatively, if you wish to create a custom background, please submit proposed rules to your GM
(It is far more likely to be accepted if you fill out a wiki article on that world as well)

Then you need to roll your stats

Stats, you roll 20+2D10 ten times, and then apply them to whichever characteristic you wish. You may reroll one stat, but must stick with it.
Then each + stat from your homeworlds gains +5, and likewise each – stat gets -5.

This is also the point where you roll for wounds, fate points and insanity if you have any.

Step Two: Backgrounds

Select a background from one of the core books, or one of the following Nemerate backgrounds:

Step Three: Role

When you pick a role, choose only ONE of the aptitudes, and discard the rest.
Finally, choose any one aptitude that you wish.

Step Four: Spend Experience

> Important Change Here <—→s a lot of fun.

Mechanically, only the Divination table is important here.

Step Six: All Done, go away

Character Creation

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