Dark Heresy 2.1

Session 1

After a brief primer on the state of Novabella, the acolytes decided to approach the situation discreetly.

Acquiring an old auto carriage, they were dropped on the outskirts of Novabellas only real city, Recompense. One the drive peasants appears afraid of the appearance of their vehicle, fleeing or bowing.

Several hours of driving led them into the city proper, where their vehicle seemed distinctly out of place. Many warehouses surround the outside of Recompense, filled with rusted and disused farming machine, including massive combines and tractors.

Reaching the city centre, the auto carriage was hidden in an ally, and the acolytes proceeded on foot. They surveyed the Governors palace, and were chased away by armoured guards.

They found an inn for the night, and pretended to be from far out on the plains to disguise their odd attire and weaponry. Their hosts invited them to attend night Mass, and gave them Sackcloth tunics for the proceedings. They also learned that the Tech Priest deployed to the world, known as The Keeper, had passed away nearly 20 years ago.

One acolyte thought it would be very wise to wear his large red robes underneath this tight tunic. He stuck out.

Arriving at the grand Cathedral, all the important people of Novabella arrived.

A sermon by the Prelate seemed to indicate devotion to the Emperor, and total Loyalty to the Imperium.

During the Sermon, a man in Green robes stared at the acolytes, specifically Mr Red Robes continually. Near the end, the Prelate revealed that the man was the Harvest Augur of the AgriHarvest society, and he had foreseen the return of the Imperium very soon.

After the ceremony the Acolytes had a chance to talk to the Prelate.
He revealed that the next day was a massive festival put on by the AgriHarvest society, to show off many new breeds of crops, followed by the Ceremonial beginning of the Tithe gathering. He looked forward to seeing their contribution. However he was then offended when one of the acolytes implied that he dared to work on sacred technology without The Keeper or one like him’s permission.

After this, they began to head back to the inn

Session 1 Over.

Exp Received: 0
Total Exp: 900

A blog for my Campaign? Thanks

Archbishop Zedikiah, cherished and beloved leader had recently died. While his replacement, Lord Deacon Zachaeron prepared to take office, the old Archbishops belongings were gathered up and put into storage. Among his effects a letter was found.

Containing a cry for help from one Harvest-Prelate Felissimo from the world of Novabella, warning of Heresy and Treachery brewing. Dated nearly 22 years earlier, the mystery deepened when it was discovered that Novabella had been absent from Imperial records for nearly as long. Shortly after this letter was discovered, it vanished completely. [REDACTED] is currently deployed to find it, and the culprit.

Due to the suspect circumstances around Novabellas disappearance, an acolyte squad has been deployed to the world 2 weeks ahead of the re-adjustment fleet. Their purpose, to root out, and if possible destroy all sources of corruption and Heresy within Novabellas infrastructure.


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